We went on a walk today. Didn’t go on Sunday because it rained all day.

A mile and a half into our walk, we swung by the jeweler and dropped off our wedding rings for engraving (surprisingly inexpensive). We wanted a 33 character (including spaces) phrase engraved over both rings. The engraver misunderstood what I meant and thought I was 33 characters on each ring. He pointed to Good Man’s ring, “I could fit the whole thing on here, because his ring is bigger. But yours…”

When I explained that we wanted to chop the phrase in half (12 and 20 characters), things became easier. Except the jeweler was afraid he’d have to skip the purity stamp, leaving a gap in the engraving.

“Whatever, we don’t care,” I said.

“We can remove it, but it will cost more because we’ll need to re-rhodium it.”

“Nah, doesn’t matter.” He raised his eyebrow as if to say he didn’t believe me. I laughed, “We’re about the most laid back wedding couple you’ll meet.”

He smiled, “Well that’s good. And when do you need these by,” he asked, sounding a bit weary.

I understood the sound in his voice. A coworker is getting married May 24th; she just ordered her custom-made ketubbah last week. “I don’t know, June 17th?” I said, figuring that gave up a three week grace period.

“Oh, no problem at all then, you’ll have it long before that.”

Around mile two, it started raining. We weren’t able to buy umbrellas until a half mile later.