Happy Mother’s Day and Birthday (Twice)

In case you’ve been under a rock, today is Mother’s Day in America. Called Mom.

Today is also my father’s birthday. Called him.

The 11th (which it was in Korea after 11 am) is Sister’s birthday and the one year anniversary of meeting Good Man’s family. So I left a message on Sister’s Cyworld and also made this video.

(Go ahead and laugh at my Korean. I sound like a North Korean. I’m working on it. Based on how Good Man speaks, I have way too much inflection. Based on how the women on the dramas speak, I have a little too much inflection. I’m working on it. I also really act over-animated when I’m on video. I don’t usually look so stupid.)

Popout시누이, 생일 축하해! from Amanda on Vimeo.

시누이, 생일 축하해!

Friday night Good Man and I called Mother. That woman cracks me up. She asked me to teach Good Man to cook. I made the mistake of saying he can cook spaghetti and ramyeon.

The word “ramyeon” caused Mother to go into a five minute scolding “라면 먹지마!” Good Man sat there, nodding his head, “알았어, 알았어…”

In the meantime, he opened up a text document and wrote:

Banned Words


His mother told us we couldn’t eat raymeon or drink soda. Ice cream is OK sometimes, and soju is OK anytime.

Ahhh, Mother.

I had a second meeting with my new language exchange partner yesterday. We ended up speaking in English (and working on her resumé) for the first hour. Then we chatted in Korean for the second hour. I was pretty pleased that I managed to stay in Korean for that long. I like this woman, so far. But she’s graduating next week and needs to find a job or her visa status will force her out!

I had another woman—an undergrad student—express an interest in doing a language exchange, but she quit responding to emails. Trying to find a language exchange partner in NoVA’s been frustrating.

After the language exchange, I stepped onto the yellow line at Pentagon City station and saw a book on an empty seat with a huge pink Post-In note on it. The woman who boarded before me eyed it as if it were a bomb, but I hoped it was a BookCrossing book. It was! I was so excited. Only one of my released books has ever been caught, and I’m never caught one. I snatched it up, though I probably won’t read it since it’s a romance. I’ll re-release it eventually.