Intercultural Unease and Why Twice?

This weekend MJ (my new language partner) and I chatted about marriage. MJ is my age, and unmarried, which means in Korea she’s a spinster now.

During the English portion of our meeting I asked, “Would your parents care if you married an American m—”


She asked me about Mother and I was reminded of being a different daughter-in-law. She said I was very lucky to get such a nice mother-in-law. Yes, even if she lectures us about ramyeon…

I have a work wedding shower next week. It’s the only wedding shower I’m having, and I’m really, really uncomfortable with the fact that I’m going to have to open gifts in front of people.

Chalk that up to Way That Korea Changed Amanda #189.

Things I didn’t know about Good Man before we lived together:

Good Man is afraid of bugs.
Good Man can sing or hum many, many theme songs. And he will do so. Often.
Good Man can speak without moving his lips. Mouth mostly closed, mouth open in a big D-shaped grin? Doesn’t matter. He can speak.
Good Man doesn’t like mint food or candy but can handle mint toothpaste and floss.
Good Man will eat damn near anything I put in front of him and say it tastes good.
Good Man showers twice a day most days of the week. He will be in the middle of doing something on his computer, and suddenly he’ll stand up and say very matter-of-factly, “I will shower.” I haven’t figured out what the catalyst for the second shower is.