“I Will Never Challenge You”

Good Man’s mother overnighted copies of his birth certificate and family record shortly after we married. In order to submit these as proof of his citizenship and existence, Good Man needed to get them translated. Good Man could translate them, of course, but he couldn’t sign off on his own translation.

So Good Man came to taekwondo with me tonight to ask Kwanjangnim or Special Forces for help.

Good Man completely ignored me while I was practicing taekwondo. He sat on his laptop and chatted with Kwanjangnim. At the end of class we did Koryeo. I like Koryeo. Good Man didn’t even see it.

I walked off the mats at the end of class and whined, Korean-wife style, “남편, 왜 날 싫어해? 날 안 봤어! 야, 여기 앉아. 사범님, 컴푸터 있으면, 칠 수있어요!” Husband, why do you hate me? You didn’t watch me! Hey, sit here. Special Forces, if he grabs his computer, you can hit him.

Good Man laughed and sat down.

Special Forces sat on the floor in front on me, back on his heels. “Demonstration,” he said.

I did Koryeo for Good Man. I made that dobok snap. I made my kiyaps loud.

After I was done, Special Forces clapped. I sat down next to Good Man.

“After watching your taekwondo, I will never challenge you,” he said.

Operation Immigration: Translation

So the reason Kwanjangnim kept talking to Good Man is because he needs his computer fixed. Apparently we’re picking up his desktop tomorrow, and Good Man will fix it over the weekend. I asked Good Man if he was going to get me a month’s fees discount. He smiled, “No, but he signed the papers.”

Hey, that’s worth it!

Operation Immigration: Health

So Good Man went to the doctor Tuesday. He got a blood test and some other stuff done for his immigration health check. He went to public health Wednesday to get some immunizations. He went back to the doctor today. He doesn’t have syphilis, HIV/AIDS, or any of the other major red flags that would make his application a nightmare. He does, however, have level 2 TB (TB infection) according to his chest X-ray, done after a positive skin TB test.

We actually knew this back in August. When he was diagnosed in August, he was offered some meds. He “chose not to recieve treatment for latent TB infection. [He would] see [his] health care provider if [he] developed any symptoms of TB disease.”

Well, you can imagine what’s happened, right? Now, in order to get the medical check signed off on, he has to get the medication.

He has to take this medication daily. For nine months.

When I read that I said, “My God! It’s like my birth control! Awww, we can take our birth control/TB pill together, nightly!”

Good Man goes back to public health tomorrow to get his prescription and some signature on something.

After that, it’s back to Dr Kim for the immigration form.

Operation Immigration: Cost

Total cost so far:
Fiancé & Marriage Visas: A Couple’s Guide to U.S. Immigration: $27.56
Passport photos (got a few extras, because we know how red tape is): $38
Health Check: $150
TDAP and MMR: $48
Translation: time needed to fix a computer

Total: $263.56 and the time needed to fix Kwanjangnim’s computer