What a Class

Amanda: Should I skip taekwondo tonight or go? I don’t want to go.

Diana: Go. I went last night and it was great!

Amanda: Ugh.

Diana: Good TKD juju.

Amanda: If I don’t go tonight, I’ll go Tues and Thurs. I’m cranky.

Diana: Go! Go! Amanda superstar!

I went.

I still don’t know if I’m happy I went.

Lately Special Forces has been doing a lot of somersaults, rolls, handstands and throws. All sorts of Hapkido-y stuff that terrifies me.

I am still not able to do what he wants, but today I was able to do somersaults starting from my hands in a straighter positions (yes, elbows bent a bit). And I was able to do some…sort of rolls when Special Forces threw me over his shoulder. When everyone else was doing backwards somersaults, I did them forward.

I also go to throw Special Forces around, which was rather fun. He grabbed my wrist and I had to step in left-right, step back, then step in to the other side, right-left. I was basically twisting his arm back and forth. It was like some taekwondo dance. He made us do that 25 times (25 steps to the left, 25 steps to the right). He was my partner (I think because I was the only female there) and he was yelling at us to count. I had to count out loud because his yelling was throwing me off. So I counted in Korean. On the final step, I got to throw him.

That was cool.

At the end of class, when everyone else did 100 sit ups, I told Special Forces I wanted to do more. I did 150. That felt good. Especially when I couldn’t do 25 extra pushups on my wrists (after already doing 25). I had to do those extra 25 plain.