Good Man Finally Gets a Normal Amount of Sleep

Tuesday night I came home from school around 4:30. I had a bunch of bulky things to carry from the car (worm bin, bridal shower gifts) and called Good Man to ask for help.

No answer.

He was sleeping.

He was still sleeping at 7:50 when I finally needed to wake him up to ask where Kwanjangnim’s power cord was.

“What time is it?” he asked in a groggy voice.


“No!” he protested. “It can’t be true!”

Since school has ended, Good Man is finally getting a decent amount of sleep. I have no idea when he comes to bed. I have no idea when he wakes up. I know he’s asleep when I leave in the morning. He’s asleep when I come home in the afternoon. He eats lunch at some point in between. And the bags that have been under his eyes all year are finally gone.


I’m walking out of the frame, which is a composition no-no that makes this photo work.

Falls Church

Yesterday Good Man and I went for a 4+ miles walk. At one point we passed the Catholic school where a group of young teenagers were hanging out, trying to look cool.

One of the kids, a boy, made some totally nonsensical sexual comment. “I would [X] a girl if she [X]ed me.”

We were passing when he said it and I said, not even trying to hide my voice, “That guy’s an idiot. Which body part would she [do X] to?”

Good Man laughed and said, “Oh…! America.” He paused and shook his head. “America, where 67% of drivers commute alone. Oh, look, gas prices are going up again. That is good.”

Oh…! Good Man! The only man I’ve met who switches topics of conversation as quickly as I do.


So we have a worm bin up and running in the house. I think I overfed them this week, though. I keep peeking at the worms, poking around, checking out their food… Good Man calls them my “gadget.”

I also keep calling Good Man over to check out the worms. Calling him over only results in him backing away.

“As long as you’re happy, I am happy. But I don’t need to see.”

A Mess

A Worm