Leading Irony

From an AP wire:

“Now that the South Korean puppets were so ridiculous as to join in the said racket and dare declare a war against compatriots,” North Korea is “compelled to take a decisive measure,” the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea said in a statement carried by state media.

Sunday night Good Man and I went to an Orthodox Jewish wedding of two atheists.

Like the last two weddings I attended (excluding ours), I didn’t understand a word of what was going on.

During the reception I dragged Good Man on the floor to dance. (“Drag” is actually a strong word. Encouraged by pouting and “여보” in that girlish Korean whining voice is more like it.)

We were slow dancing and I said, “Who’s leading here? Me or you?”

“You, just the way I like it!”

Good Man can’t dance. At all. I mean, I can’t dance (the last time Mark and I danced—right before I left for Korea—he asked me who was leading, in fact). But Good Man really can’t dance.

Of course, it makes sense. Koreans don’t dance at weddings. Like me, Good Man doesn’t really like clubbing. And what about school dances, prom? To quote Margaret Cho: We didn’t have prom in Korea……only war….

We weren’t planning on dancing at our wedding, and now I know we won’t dance, because he would be so uncomfortable. But he was such a good sport, and by the end of the night he was getting better.

This wedding, like every other American wedding I’ve been to, featured the bride dancing all night and the groom standing around, chatting with friends.

(Side: I wore the Convertible Dress from Vicky’s and it was great! I had to readjust after several hours, but considering I hadn’t even tied it into place? I also have to wear a tank or cami under it because my bust is too large. But it was very comfortable and I don’t think most people realized I was wearing a tank under it. Sizing runs large. According to the size charts I needed XL, but L fit better.)