Good Man glared at an animal. “Why are there so many squirrels in America?”

“Why do you say that?” I asked, “And perfect, by the way!” Months ago, squirrel was “squillel.”

“They are like 비둘기!”


“Um, pigeon? They are like those!”

I laughed, “Why?”

Good Man said very indignantly, “They eat junk! And they’re chubby!”

He sounded so angry about these chubby, junk-eating squirrels. I couldn’t stop laughing.

He continued, “When I came to America, I thought, ‘Wow, this is like heaven! Look at all this grass and all these trees!’ And then I saw those squirrels! And they were climbing around a trash can! And they are like 비둘기. In Korea those birds eat trash and they get so fat they can’t even fly! We don’t even call them 비둘기. We call them 닭둘기—chicken-bird, because they are like chickens!”

At this point I had actually stopped in the middle of the sidewalk because I was doubled over with laughter.

“Yeah,” Good Man growled, “we should call them chicken-irrel!”

Where Are the Women and Food

In all of the years I’ve practiced taekwondo, I’ve been the minority in class as a female (excepting the classes at my community college; they were advertised as “self-defense” and mostly made up of women).

At this studio there are a few other women. When I joined last year, it was rare that I was the only woman in class. But in the past three or four months, it’s been rare that I’m not the only woman in class. Where are the other women?


I just finished reading Fast Food Nation. I don’t know that I can eat fast food again.