Poison Ivy?

Have I mentioned lately that I love Good Man’s family?

I do. They’re fantastic.

Wedding Planning
We’re doing mostly last-minute wedding junk, and combined with the end of the school year, finding out I’m moving classrooms to a crappy one clear down the hallway and half the size of mine, Good Man’s visa stuff, doctor stuff, etc, I’m feeling a little stressed. “Little” being a major understatement.

(Good Man went to the doctor—a dermatologist—since he’s had a rash on his arm since March. First doctor (GP) said it was a fungus. Medicine didn’t help. This doctor—80 years old “and maybe he will die tomorrow”—says it’s poison ivy.

Really, Doc? Poison ivy since March? Poison ivy that hasn’t spread? Poison ivy that doesn’t itch much? Poison ivy I’ve slept next to, rubbed up against, shared sheets with and yet not caught? Really?)

Unfortunately, much of this wedding stuff involves phone calls and legal contract-y language which Good Man is either unfamiliar or uncomfortable with. (Talking on the phone, as I’ve said, is really hard in another language. Good Man is good with Indian, Chinese, and Japanese accents. Anything else is hard for him. Every hotel I’ve contacted has meant dealing with non-native speakers. And I’ve done most contacting through the phone. Two strikes against Good Man dealing with it.)

Major Stuff Done
We’ve gotten hotel rooms for his family (two rooms) at two hotels and need to add two more days at the end of their trip to one of the hotels.
We’ve gotten hotel rooms for us (I finally said screw it, we’re splurging and staying in the same hotel as our guests, though I did request a room “far away” from the block).
We’ve started the rental process (called three times before getting an answer).
Almost all of the announcements are addressed and ready to go out.
Got a videographer at the last minute (Mother demanded) through photographer (both men are named Jeremy. This makes life easy).
Found a post-wedding hanbok-friendly dry cleaner.

Still Need To…
Book the rest of those rooms.
Finalize rental stuff and get a tent (called once, still no answer, left a message with Rental Stuff Person asking if referred-to Tent Rental Person was ever going to call back; said she’ll call tomorrow).
Copy and mail off videographer forms and deposit.
Finalize music.
Choose music and burn CD for videographer.
Photo project.
Photo book (not too important).

We tried on the hanboks tonight to double check fit and I couldn’t stop laughing. I never tried on the pantaloons (who wears pantaloons?) and they were so small looking I didn’t think they’d fit over my head. But they fit fine. I thought these things ended above my knee. I was wrong. They reach my thick, cotton, socks. There will be not the slightest hint of bare leg at my wedding.

Pantaloons. Socks. A bra and underskirt that smoosh my chest flat. Oh yeah, my wedding lingerie is so sexy.

Good Man’s mother asked him what I was doing for makeup.

“I’m doing my own.”

“That’s what I assumed,” he said. “How will you do it?”

“Like I normally do.”

“That’s what I assumed,” he said. “What kind will you wear?”

“Foundation, lipstick and gloss, a little mascara, that’s it.”

“That’s what I assumed,” he said.

“Is Mother expecting some heavy-duty wedding-hall makeup? Cause I’m not doing that.”

Operation Immigration: Timeline
* To make this easier to read I will use * for new info.

6/1/2009: Mailed AOS/EAD/AP to Chicago Lockbox
6/3/2009: USPS reports rec’d
6/9/2009: Green registered mail with return receipt postcard rec’d
6/10/2009: I-485 check cashed (with no readable receipt number on the back of the check!)
6/11/2009: I-130 check cashed (with no readable receipt number on the back of the check!)
6/12/2009: NOAs rec’d for petition (130), green card (485), employment authorization (765), and advance parole (131); we now have his A-number; rec’d date 6/3, notice date 6/8
* 6/13/2009: Biometrics appt rec’d for 7/1