Exponential Growth Has Begun!

“[Good Man]! Come, quick, bring my camera!”



Baby Wormand Worm Egg on Some Sort of Matter (Pear Stem, Maybe?)

I wanted the Chinese double happiness symbol on the wedding certificate. Or the invitation. Or the announcement. Good Man refused. I wanted to use Hanja for the date on the wedding certificate. Or the invitation. Or the announcement. Good Man refused.

But when it came to the programs, Good Man had no opinion on what should be done.

I wasn’t going to do programs because we have no attendants, no music, etc. But I decided that everyone needed an explanation about the no-officiant-stand-and-speak part. And Koreans never know what a Claddagh is, but like it when I explain it. And the non-Koreans might like to know why Mother’s throwing food at us. So we made a program. Since everything else was English first, I made this one Korean first. It turned out nicely and cost $17 to make 27 of them.

Like His Mother
Good Man and I have a balcony, but we rarely sit out there. Today I decided to clean off the table that came with our rent so we could have dinner outside. It was warm but not too warm and bright but not too bright—I always complain about how dark our kitchen is.

Pasta in a Cheese Sauce, Salad, Dressings, Green Apple, and Sunflower Seeds

Hmmm…I had made what I thought was a decent meal, as well as some watermelon-kiwi drinks for dessert. But Good Man complained. The vinaigrette smelled like…vinegar. The salad had celery in it. He doesn’t like plain watermelon.

Watermelon-Kiwi Drink with a Sprig of Fresh MintI grew tired of it. “Wow. You really make me feel good when I prepare dinner for you five or more night a week and you complain about everything. If it were up to you we’d eat ramyeon or spaghetti every night. You can start cooking, go ahead.”

“You are like my mother,” he replied.

“Why? Because I prepare good, healthy food for you and you bitch about it?”

He laughed and nodded, “Yes, exactly.” He grew quiet. “미안해, 미안해.”

A few minutes later he tried the drink. “Oh! This is better than plain watermelon. This is actually good. You are sneaky like that.”