Make that 21 Guests and One Smart Husband

Text message from Mark:

Bought mom a plane ticket today, so she’ll be here for the wedding hope that is ok

Heck yeah, that’s OK! She was at the legal wedding and we invited Mark’s parents to the social ceremony.

Later I talked to Mark and he said he hoped it wasn’t a problem. Heck no, not at all. We’re happy she gets to come.

Good Man’s family gets here Tuesday. We did a thorough cleaning of the house and I pointed out two spots he missed in the bathroom.

“Wow,” he said with wonder in his voice, “you really are like drill sergeant.” (He took to calling me that a few weeks ago.)

“Look, if this house is a mess, your mother won’t think you’re a bad husband. She’ll think I’m a bad wife.”

Good Man laughed, “This really is like military hierarchy! When I was in army, the drill instructor always got mad at us because if we did something bad, he got in trouble! It is same here!”

If Good Man married me because I’ll make him live longer, I married him because he’s whipsmart and he makes me laugh every single day.