Wedding Aftermath and My Rice Cooker’s Babies

Our house looks like a disaster zone.

And for the first time ever in my adult life, my dishes match. Wow. I feel like an adult. (More than one family member has told us that our dishes “look Asian.” Good Man chose them.)

In other wedding aftermath news…

My brother’s wife (and kids) couldn’t come to the wedding. So she sent this with my brother. She included the Korean words for love and happiness in Korean. She even ended up with proper stroke order—apparently she looked at my nephew’s Hello Kitty! Hangul book.

Silk and Satin Quilt

Awesome Stroke Order…

Good Man’s Paternal Aunt gave us these…


A Gorgeous Mother-of-Pearl Jewelry Box

Good Man’s Mother crammed so much food into our fridge. I swear, I watched her take it all out of her luggage, but it somehow multiplied while being put in our fridge. Half of the stuff is wrapped up in baggies, newspapers, and then more baggies, so I don’t even know what it is.

Our Fridge, Post-Mother

The Elephant Brand

Good Man and I bought a new rice cooker. We went all out and bought The Elephant Brand because Mother basically demanded that we do so. We were at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and the man was trying to sell us a Cuisinart. I looked at him. “My mother-in-law is Korean. We have to get the Elephant Brand.”

HMart had The Elephant Brand (Zojirushi) and we went with the ten-cup induction heating NP-HBC18. I used it last night for the first time.

And now I want to have its babies.

Brown Rice

It has a bunch of different settings, including one for “GABA Brown” rice. Apparently GABA is some sort of amino-acid and “activating” it increases the amount of it in brown rice. The cooker activates it by heating the rice at 104 F for two hours before actually cooking it. OK, nutritionism aside, this stuff tastes wonderful.

Good Man eats brown rice because that’s what I cook, but he much prefers white rice. When this was done, he stared at it and said, “Is this our rice?” It was light, fluffy, still nutty, but not overly chewy. It was fantastic.

With dinner last night, I heated up some dried anchovies for Good Man. This is proof that I love him, because that stuff smells awful.


We also had spicy Korean pork with red-leaf lettuce, cucumber, carrots, seaweed, cooked mushrooms, some of Mother’s home-made kimchi, and some raspberry wine.

One thought on “Wedding Aftermath and My Rice Cooker’s Babies

  1. Comment from: umma2kimchilovers [Visitor]
    Your wedding pictures were beautiful. We have the same rice cooker. My 5 yr old knows how to use it and make rice. Ours has a timer. I lost the instructions but our has the brown rice setting as well. How do you do the brown rice in there? Does it require more water? What kind of brown rice do you buy?
    07/16/09 @ 23:51

    Comment from: Jason [Visitor] ·
    I am so glad everything went smoothly. It looks like you guys had a great wedding. I enjoyed looking at your photos as well!
    07/17/09 @ 00:52

    Comment from: Rho [Visitor]
    you have my Rice Cooker – I got it about 6 months ago – we love the GABA brown rice too – also love calling it the Elephant brand instead of Zo
    If you like stone ground oatmeal you can do that in it too ;)
    07/17/09 @ 06:51

    Comment from: admin [Member] Email
    Umma–we just go up to the brown rice line in the bowl. But the general ratio of brown rice:water is 1:1.5 or 1:2. We eat Tsuru Mai medium-grain California brown rice. We get 20 lb bags and store it in a large container meant for cereal, as well as the original bag. (The container isn’t big enough.) We have never had a problem with bugs.

    Jason, thanks. I hope your move and wedding go well, too.

    Rho, I am sooooo excited about this cooker!
    07/17/09 @ 18:13

    Comment from: Gori Girl [Visitor] ·
    That looks like a really good meal! (*considers driving to a Korean restaurant in Annandale*)
    07/17/09 @ 21:17

    Comment from: Ang [Visitor]
    My sister got the same plates (white with the red berries) for her wedding last summer! I’ve never heard anyone mention they look asian, but now that you mention it, they do!
    07/17/09 @ 23:56

    Comment from: Shelley [Visitor] ·
    Oh, seeing all that Korean food is making me so nostalgic and hungry for it. I’m so so sick of Indian food.
    I love brown rice too and if there is a cooker than can make it to perfection then I have to go and hunt for it!!
    07/18/09 @ 09:53

    Comment from: Paul / samedi [Visitor] ·
    I love the shot of your fridge filled with food! It reminds me of how ours looked every time my Korean flatmate came back from visiting her mom — I was always amazed that everything managed to fit.

    Every time I’ve had dried anchovies they’ve been at room temperature and never heated. I would never have guessed they smell so strongly. And I’ll definitely keep The Elephant Brand in mind when I go about getting a rice cooker in the USA.
    07/21/09 @ 16:06

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