Ice Cream, Rice and Stupid Labels

Fatty Baking Powder

Found on a can of baking powder: NO TRANS FAT!

Really? We need that on baking powder? Do people think baking powder is fatty?

Something happened with trans fat while I was gone in Korea, because I came back and suddenly it was everywhere. Like Omega-3 fatty acids or whatever.

Ice Cream

“I want this ice cream maker.”

“OK,” shrugged Good Man. He does that often.

“Are you ever going to say ‘no’ to me?”

Good Man smiled and put his hand on the ice cream maker. “This is kitchen gadget. If you want kitchen gadget, you get kitchen gadget.”

“But will we use it?”

Good Man looked a little exasperated. “I have no idea.”

“Should we buy it?”

Good Man put his hand on my shoulder. “We need a new power cord. Which kind should I buy?”

“I don’t know. Buy whatever the heck you want.”



Since then I’ve made watermelon sorbet, almond-peppermint ice cream and blueberry ice cream. So good.

Blueberry Ice Cream

Rice Cooker

I love this rice cooker.

This morning we had oatmeal with pears and almonds in it. I added brown sugar to mine, though it’s not shown in this photo.

Fruited Oatmeal with Almonds

And for dinner we had a one pot meal of brown rice, veggies (carrots, broccoli, garlic, scallions and mushrooms), and sausage with a splash of soy sauce.

Mixed Rice