What is This Thing on My Car? and Immigration Update, Sort Of

What in the heck is this thing on my car? This photo was taken from inside the car and whatever it was appeared to be empty. The whole thing was probably a little larger than a quarter. It was fairly large. It was also a translucent white color.

What is This?

Over coffee one morning last week in the presence of Mom and George…

“How can I fix my computer?” I whined to Good Man. “And don’t tell me to wipe out the hard drive or buy a new one.” Good Man loves reinstalling Windows.

Good Man was silent for a moment. “If you had a t-shirt, and it was worn out, you would buy a new t-shirt, right?”

George laughed and said, “You know the tricks, you know the tricks.”

So Good Man decided to build me a desktop since I am basically killing my computer with all of my RAW shooting. Apparently I’m getting a terabyte of hard drive. I can’t even wrap my head over how big that is. Good Man spent hundreds of dollars more than he said he would and waited for the UPS truck all day yesterday.

“I Hear the Truck!”

“I See the Truck!”

“He’s Here!”



And in more bug news, I found this on the underside of a leaf on my cayenne plant today.

Operation Immigration: Timeline
* To make this easier to read I will use * for new info.

6/1/2009: Mailed AOS/EAD/AP to Chicago Lockbox
6/3/2009: USPS reports rec’d
6/9/2009: Green registered mail with return receipt postcard rec’d
6/10/2009: I-485 check cashed (with no readable receipt number on the back of the check!)
6/11/2009: I-130 check cashed (with no readable receipt number on the back of the check!)
6/12/2009: NOAs rec’d for petition (130), green card (485), employment authorization (765), and advance parole (131); we now have his A-number; rec’d date 6/3, notice date 6/8
6/13/2009: Biometrics appt rec’d for 7/1
* 7/1/2009: Biometrics appt, in and out in 15 minutes
* 7/17/2009: USCIS website says that AP/EAD approval notice sent (haven’t rec’d yet)

I know that our case is moving quickly (they tell you it’s 60-90 days for EAD/AP approval, and we got (but didn’t receive) both within 50), but I am feeling frustrated by the fact that we can’t plan anything because we’re waiting for an interview date.