If I Knew Years Ago…. and Red Tape

…that being organized saves times, I would’ve become organized years ago.

When Good Man and I started living together, we read most of Smart Couples Finish Rich together. While there are parts I don’t agree with, I liked the author’s filing system idea and decided to use it in a large accordion file. This has made filing Good Man’s AOS easier, of course. And today, when Good Man decided he should fill in the in-state tuition appeal form, I was able to immediately get my hands on:

Our lease
My voter registration card

All of his NOAs (actually kept in a fire-proof safe)
My tax returns (state and federal)
My car registration (actually kept in my car)
My most recent pay stub

The only thing we had to hunt for was my W2 form, and that’s because we kept it with all of the other originals in our “originals for Good Man’s AOS” pouch. (Decided to make a copy of that sucker and keep it in the taxes section of the accordion since everyone and their cousin wants to see that thing.) Found it in a matter of minutes.

Turned in his in-state appeal today. Hopefully they will approve it. Tomorrow we go back to tell the woman in the int’l student office that his visa is no longer valid, that he doesn’t need the student insurance ensuring his body gets shipped back to Korea in case he dies, and to try to get his bank to add me to his account since he’s no longer under student status.

We can only hope that she will understand that since he’s rec’d the NOAs, his F1 is invalid.

Monday we went to my back to cash some wedding gifts. We had to go in person because bless one of my four grandmothers, she thought I took Good Man’s name and addressed the check to us under his last name.

While we were there, I decided to see if I could get a human to add Good Man to my account, even though he doesn’t have an SSN yet. I talked to the bank “manager” and immediately said, “He doesn’t have an SSN yet, but he got approved for his EAD and we’re just waiting to get it in the mail. He’s my husband, he’s here legally, we have proof. Can I add him to my account as my ‘in case I get hit by a bus he can get my account’ even if he can’t be joint?”

The man—who was possibly an immigrant himself—laughed and said he could add him.

“But when I called they said it was impossible to add him even if he was my husband because he didn’t have an SSN.”

The man shook his head and smiled, “They can be very useless.”

I found out how useless when the man had three phone numbers and four addresses ago on the screen still. I updated those via phone. Last year.