One of These Is Not Like the Others and… 8/27 at 10:15 am…



Holy kimchi.

We got our interview notice. Or rather, Good Man got his interview notice, which demanded that I, as his wife and sponsor, appear. August 27th, 10:15 am, we’ll be interviewing two and a half miles away. We know the building. It’s across the street from the subway station.

I am already nervous.

Good Man’s response was, “It must be hard to be you. You pre-worry so much.”

Operation Immigration: Timeline

* To make this easier to read I will use * for new info.

6/1/2009: Mailed AOS/EAD/AP to Chicago Lockbox
6/3/2009: USPS reports rec’d
6/9/2009: Green registered mail with return receipt postcard rec’d

6/10/2009: I-485 check cashed (with no readable receipt number on the back of the check!)
6/11/2009: I-130 check cashed (with no readable receipt number on the back of the check!)
6/12/2009: NOAs rec’d for petition (130), green card (485), employment authorization (765), and advance parole (131); we now have his A-number; rec’d date 6/3, notice date 6/8
6/13/2009: Biometrics appt rec’d for 7/1
7/1/2009: Biometrics appt, in and out in 15 minutes
7/17/2009: USCIS website says that AP/EAD approval notice sent (haven’t rec’d yet)
* 7/22/2009: USCIS website says EAD card ordered (haven’t rec’d yet)
* 7/23/2009: USCIS website says EAD sent (haven’t rec’d yet)
* 7/24/2009: Rec’d notice for interview on 8/27 (Washington, DC location—which is actually in Fairfax)


Comment from: Rho [Visitor]

pre-worrying is what women do because men never worry at all :D

07/25/09 @ 08:50

Comment from: Katie [Visitor] ·
So after the interview, how much of the process is left? What will the interview consist of?

07/26/09 @ 18:26

Comment from: admin [Member] Email
The interview is basically there to see if we’re actually in a real marriage and not a fraud marriage. Generally they’ll ask how you met, what the spouse’s parents’ names are, birthdays, addresses, etc. They also want to check that I make enough money to keep us off of any form of public assistance for 10 years. IF they think it’s a fraud marriage, we’ll be scheduled for something called a Stokes Interview, which is where they grill you separately about what the house looks like, who usually wakes up first, who works where, what kind of clothing you like, number of TVs in the house, what sort of toothpaste you use, favorite foods etc. (I don’t even know what my favorite food is, let alone his! And what kind of toothpaste? The cheapest one on sale!)

After the interview, if he’s approved for a conditional green card, we’re done for 2 years. He gets a conditional green card for two years. After that time, we apply to lift the conditions. They want to make sure we’re still married (again, fraud prevention) and after 2 years of a conditional green card, he gets a 10-year permanent green card. One year after that being granted, he’s eligible for citizenship.

I’ll be posting later about what we’re collecting to bring to the interview…