Clicky Clacky Happy and Pro Shots

Good Man built me a computer. There’s something wrong with it (it needs a different fan or something?) but seems to be working right now. In any case, I am extremely happy because it’s fast, the screen is gorgeous and I have a new keyboard!

Good Man found a Korean keyboard online, so I don’t need any more keyboard stickers! Keyboard stickers peel off. They fall off. They leave sticky stuff behind. No more of that! I get Korean letters and English letters all on the same keyboard.

Oh, bliss.

And on top of it, this is one of those-old school normal keyboards. F-keys across the top. A numerical keyboard on the right. A few functional keys like “home” and “end.” Arrow keys. But no volume keys. No quick-launch internet keys. Crap key, as Good Man calls them. None of those. It does have the additional English/Korean switch key as well as a Hanja key.

Oh, bliss!

And! And! Even better! Best of all! The keyboard is loud and clacky. I adore loud keyboards. I don’t like soft, smooshy, quiet keyboards. I am on the computer—I want to hear myself working!

Oh, utter bliss!

The only problem is that it’s a standard-size board and I’ve been working on laptop keyboards exclusively for the last year, so my fingers aren’t used to the spread they need to cover. But with a little practice that will be taken care of. (On top of this, I got a new laptop at work because I’m awesome—only two of us rec’d new comps—and I need to get used to its new feeling and spread, too. It’s mooshy. I don’t really like it.)

Bliss! Bliss!


We got our pro shots from the wedding back. (Less than three weeks! Amazing turn-around time.) And we are very pleased. Strongly recommend Jeremy over at LifeLight Photography.