Maybe Not…

Today we walked to school. I hadn’t checked the weather.

It was muggy when we walked there, but not too horrible. It was 95 F with a heat index of 98 F when I walked home later.

All of my coworkers were freaking out, claiming I was going to die of heat stroke.

Obviously, I didn’t.

Cooking With(out) Gas
When we registered for a rice cooker, Mr. Bentos, a three-crock slow cooker, and a table-top grill, I wondered if we were going over the top because we were registering. I wondered if we were getting sucked into “you need this!” when we didn’t.


We use that rice cooker three or more days a week and I am still in love with the rice.

The grill is getting used about once a week.

The Mr. Bentos are used at work, daily.

And the slow cooker? It’s getting used two or more days a week. Baked potatoes were done on Saturday. I made some honey soy sauce chicken yesterday. Tomorrow we’re having veggie chili. It doesn’t heat up the house, and takes so little work on my part. Love it.