Amanda: But honey, why don’t you give me an opinion about where you want to stay and go?

Good Man: Because you make good decisions and I don’t care where we stay.

Amanda: But traditionally the man plans the honeymoon.

Good Man: But it is OK for you to do, because you are more masculine than me. Don’t you get it, this whole marriage thing? Even though I am a man, I am not really a man in this relationship. You choose, I follow.

Amanda, laughs.


Amanda: We have enough time. We could go to Oslo, or Copenhagen, or Helsinki.

Good Man: I know! We should go to Gotland!

Amanda: Gotland? That island off the coast? Why? There’s nothing there but sheep.

Good Man: Well, you may know, you like knitting! And it is perfect. Who will say, ‘I went to honeymoon to Gotland, Sweden.’ Other person will say ‘What?'”

Amanda: But what will we—

Good Man: And look, Korean embassy says it is like Jejudo. We like Jejudo. You know what is wrong with Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki? Big city. Where do we live? Big city. Sometimes, you live in Seoul, you go to Jejudo. We will go Stockholm and then Gotland.

Amanda, speechless.

Good Man: What are the chances that I would find random island hanging off the coast of Stockholm on GoogleMaps, just…hanging there! And then I find blog and by accident it has knitting! It is perfect for you. And it looks nice, so it is perfect for me.

Amanda: OK. Stockholm and Gotland.

Good Man, sing-song: You wanted me to make decision!