Truth or Consequences and Snaked

Good Man: OK, I thought they were joking…about this city name in New Mexico?

Me: Truth or Consequences?

Good Man, shocked: Yeah. How did you know?

Me: Because I’m brilliant.

Good Man, jaw dropped: No, really, are you magic?


Last night after my shower the tub refused to drain. This morning I found at least a foot of standing water still in the tub.


Good Man and I rent, but we didn’t want to wait around for a plumber or worry the landlord, so we went and bought an inexpensive auger at Home Depot.

Good Man removed the overflow cover and we followed the directions. The first time we got a small clump of hair out, but the water wouldn’t drain. We tried it a second time and—



“We’re awesome! We just snaked the drain!” I yelled.

Good Man just nodded.