Flu-Like Princess Virus

“Wake me up in a half an hour, OK?”

Good Man nodded. “Sure.”

And hour and a half later…

“I had to let you sleep! You looked like a princess and I didn’t want to wake you up!”

Well, this princess couldn’t fall asleep again last night. From 10:30 until 4 am I tossed and turned. I ended up topping out at 100 F at 4 am. Because our county has put the fear of God into us about H1N1 and I didn’t want to be known as Patient Zero Teacher Who Made 400 Little Kids Sick, I called in sick to work and went to the doctor.

Doctor did a nose swab and came back. “Well, you don’t have a seasonal flu. You may or may not have H1N1, but since your symptoms seem pretty mild right now, I’m not going to send the swab to the state for testing. There’s another flu-like virus going around and you probably have that. Basically, rest until you feel better, don’t go in with a fever, call if it doesn’t improve in a week or if you get worse.”

I came home and told Good Man. He laughed, “OK, so you’re not seasonally dead. But may or may not be pig dead, but there’s this other thing sort of like death going around, and you probably have that. Call us if you don’t live. Yeah, I can be American doctor. Korean doctors give too many drugs, but American doctors give too little. We need third country to live in.”

One thought on “Flu-Like Princess Virus

  1. Comment from: Terry [Visitor]
    korean doctors not only give too many drugs but want to see you every day or every other day!
    08/25/09 @ 19:10

    Comment from: Katie [Visitor] · http://stagestitches.blogspot.com
    Yeah, there’s a bug starting to go through the unit, too. I’m hoping that since I just got over the allergies, my immune system isn’t too weak to deal with the virus.

    Hope you feel better soon!!
    08/26/09 @ 23:48

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