Less Than Twelve Hours to Go…

Operation Immigration: Interview Prep
In addition to a copy of everything we originally sent in, we’re bringing the following things (there is some overlap)—originals and copies:

We Are Who We Say We Are Proof
* His passport
* My passport
* His birth certificate, a translation, and a letter from the translator
* My birth certificate

He’s Legally Here Proof
* I-797C Request for Applicant to Appear for Initial Interview
* I-512L Authorization for Parole of an Alien Into the United States (2 copies)
* EAD card
* NOAs and receipts for all original applications (I-130, I-484, I-131, I-765, appointment notice for fingerprinting
* I-94 (in his passport)
* I-20 (student visa acceptance letter)

We’re Really Married Proof
* Certified copy of the marriage certificate
* Letters of support from Mom, Mark, Diana, and a co-worker
* Two dozen photos of us with and without friends and family from before our legal wedding, our legal wedding, our family wedding, and after our wedding(s)
* Copies of dental and health insurance cards
* A health insurance bill for a visit Good Man made to the doctor
* Wedding invitation
* Wedding announcement
* Wedding program
* Wedding card addressed to both of us from one of the sets of grandparents
* Thank you note from a cousin addressed to both of us for a wedding gift we sent her
* Note that my sister-in-law put in with the quilt she made, explaining that it’s inspired by a hanbok
* Receipt for ring engravings
* Envelope addressed to both of us from Good Man’s sister (Christmas gifts)
* Wedding registry print out
* Photocopies of our credit cards
* Statement from his bank showing we’re joint
* Statement from my bank showing we’re joint
* Verizon bill showing we share an account
* Lease
* Copies of our Costco cards
* Copies of the e-tickets for our honeymoon (scheduled in October)

We Won’t Go On Welfare Proof
* My last tax return
* 2008 W-2
* Last three months of pay stubs
* Letter from my employer proving I’m employed at my income level

One thought on “Less Than Twelve Hours to Go…

  1. Comment from: jason [Visitor] · http://www.mississippitokorea.com
    GOOD LUCK TO YOU GUYS!!! I am sure that you won’t need all the proof, but it is good that you have it just in case!
    08/27/09 @ 00:26

    Comment from: admin [Member] Email
    Well, I made the mistake of reading a recent interview experience where they wanted to see that the spouse was on the life insurance. I requested a letter from my life insurance company four–no, five–weeks ago and haven’t rec’d it. Hell, I requested those tax transcripts in May and never got them!

    Not much I can do about that now.
    08/27/09 @ 00:32

    Comment from: Wanda in AR [Visitor]
    Good luck.
    08/27/09 @ 08:53

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