Amanda: But honey, why don’t you give me an opinion about where you want to stay and go?

Good Man: Because you make good decisions and I don’t care where we stay.

Amanda: But traditionally the man plans the honeymoon.

Good Man: But it is OK for you to do, because you are more masculine than me. Don’t you get it, this whole marriage thing? Even though I am a man, I am not really a man in this relationship. You choose, I follow.

Amanda, laughs.


Amanda: We have enough time. We could go to Oslo, or Copenhagen, or Helsinki.

Good Man: I know! We should go to Gotland!

Amanda: Gotland? That island off the coast? Why? There’s nothing there but sheep.

Good Man: Well, you may know, you like knitting! And it is perfect. Who will say, ‘I went to honeymoon to Gotland, Sweden.’ Other person will say ‘What?'”

Amanda: But what will we—

Good Man: And look, Korean embassy says it is like Jejudo. We like Jejudo. You know what is wrong with Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki? Big city. Where do we live? Big city. Sometimes, you live in Seoul, you go to Jejudo. We will go Stockholm and then Gotland.

Amanda, speechless.

Good Man: What are the chances that I would find random island hanging off the coast of Stockholm on GoogleMaps, just…hanging there! And then I find blog and by accident it has knitting! It is perfect for you. And it looks nice, so it is perfect for me.

Amanda: OK. Stockholm and Gotland.

Good Man, sing-song: You wanted me to make decision!

Maybe Not…

Today we walked to school. I hadn’t checked the weather.

It was muggy when we walked there, but not too horrible. It was 95 F with a heat index of 98 F when I walked home later.

All of my coworkers were freaking out, claiming I was going to die of heat stroke.

Obviously, I didn’t.

Cooking With(out) Gas
When we registered for a rice cooker, Mr. Bentos, a three-crock slow cooker, and a table-top grill, I wondered if we were going over the top because we were registering. I wondered if we were getting sucked into “you need this!” when we didn’t.


We use that rice cooker three or more days a week and I am still in love with the rice.

The grill is getting used about once a week.

The Mr. Bentos are used at work, daily.

And the slow cooker? It’s getting used two or more days a week. Baked potatoes were done on Saturday. I made some honey soy sauce chicken yesterday. Tomorrow we’re having veggie chili. It doesn’t heat up the house, and takes so little work on my part. Love it.

One Week Down

One week of school is down. Thirty-five left to go. Two students still haven’t shown up. Ahh, responsible parents. Gotta love them.

I’m grade chair this year, which is a first for me. I have to figure out how to get myself a little more organized so I don’t spend every day at school collecting stuff for our grade meetings. Every other person on my team this year is brand-spanking new to our school. Two of the four new team members are brand-spanking new teachers.

I’m also teaching the advanced math class, meaning I’m teaching a grade level ahead. This is also a first and I’m nervous and excited about it, because I think I can do a good job.

Good Man and I are trying something new this year. We live really close to work, and yet I drive. It’s a waste. It’s not really a waste of money because I only fill my tank about once every three or four weeks. But it’s a waste of my car (since the most damage is done in the first five miles) and it’s horrible environmentally.

We ended up walking to school together twice last week. He walked home immediately, and I returned after work, of course. This was nice because it gave us some time together before I got work-stressed, and my 25-minute walk home gave me time to mentally sort out my day before seeing him again. Normally, when I get home from work I need my me-time, but I got it on the walk.

We’re aiming for two or three walks a week. One day is out because I have to get there too early; another day is out because I have to stay late for meetings. We’ll see how long this lasts.

Getting Close to Obama (and Deeds and Kaine)

[Video Link Expired]

Around the 31 second mark, a chick on the reporter’s right shoulder (your view) turns and faces the camera. That would be me. Around 1:39 you hear a few people screaming for teacher pay faintly. One of those screams would be me. Around 1:50 in the middle of the lower part of the screen you see a man in a light blue shirt. That would be Good Man. At the very end of the video, when the man makes his closing remarks, you can see us both over his right shoulder again.

Bloody Nose and Squirrels

I gave a teenage third-degree black belt a bloody nose in taekwondo last night. I ended up with her blood on my shirt.

It was a complete accident and I feel horrible about it.

Good Man is hilarious. The past few days he’s been running around the house and eating like a squirrel.

I am knitting something really big out of sock weight yarn. I’m insane.

Celery Ruins Everything

“Noooooooo, no celery! Celery ruins everything!”

Good Man does not like celery. Clearly.

“Fine, I’ll leave it out, but it tastes better with celery.”

A sneaky smile spread across Good Man’s face. “Good. I think celery should be extinct.”


“Because I don’t like it.”

I laughed. “Celery should be extinct simply because you don’t like it?”


“That sounds like something I would say,” I replied. “I don’t like it! So it shouldn’t exist!”

“Well, you know,” he said, shrugging, “couples become like one another.”

Stockholm and Damn Good Liar


The day after the wedding, waiting for a bus in DC with 10 of our family members, exhausted and cranky, I said to nobody in particular, “This is not how I envisioned spending my honeymoon.”

Well, who cares? We’re going to Stockholm in October for eight nights!


I’ve been to Sweden once before. It was my first international trip and I went alone in March 2002. I’ve done every international trip alone, in fact. (Actually, I wasn’t alone the whole time. After about a week in Stockholm, I met my pen-pal Stina in Skellefte? (and Ume?) and we spent a week together.)

It should be interesting to go to Sweden a) with Good Man and b) with more travel and life experience under my belt (read: I’m not afraid of the subway).

Now, we’re just assuming his interview on the 27th will go well. If it doesn’t, we can’t go to Stockholm. But if it doesn’t, I’m guessing Stockholm will be the last thing on our minds.

Damn Good Liar

At the yarn store, I held up a skein of purple yarn. It has bits of blue and red spun throughout it. “Do you see that? How would this be for a sweater for you?”

Good Man nodded, “OK.”

“But the flecks? Are those OK?”

He peered at the skein. “I can’t see what you are saying.”

I held up a skein of solid purple yarn. “See how this is plain and this one has flecks?”

He peered closer. “Yes, OK.”

“You’re lying, aren’t you?”

He nodded and smiled, “I’m a damn good liar!”


We got our wedding certificate back from the frame shop today. Total Framing did a great job. We put it on the wall across from the door—you can see it as soon as you enter our apartment. It’s almost 20 by 20 inches.


We received a crock pot from my aunt and uncle for our wedding. It has interchangeable crocks in two-, four-, and six-quarts. Tonight I used it for the first time to make cranberry-apple chicken. I served it with brown rice and it was delicious. The photo is bad, in large part because I was shooting JPG instead of RAW. Trust me, it was good.