This is What… Looks Like

This is What 모모 Looks Like
In the Garden

A Sweet Potato Gone Wild

Sweet Potato in a Pot

Peppermint Flowers

Red Pepper

In the Kitchen

Three Whole Heads of Garlic, Chopped

3 Lbs of Bachelor Radish (총각무) and 6 T of Kosher Salt

6 C Water, 10 Scallions, 3″ of Ginger, 3 t of Sugar, 3/4 C of Korean Red Pepper Powder, 3 t of Kosher Salt, and 3 Heads of Garlic

The Above plus 6 Lbs of Bachelor Radish
(Yes, 6 Lbs; I Processed the 총각무 in Two Batches)


A Kitchen Bloodbath

Five 1-Qt Jars 4/5 Full of Bachelor Kimchi (총각김치), Fermenting