The Slow Slide Into Americanism

Since Good Man didn’t have a SSN, getting a credit card in America would’ve been nearly impossible. But in order to be approved for his green card, we needed to show joint finances. So I added him to one of my credit cards as an authorized user. Of course, this did nothing to actually create a credit record. He’s basically non-existent on the financial playing field in America.

When we got his SSN last week, I called MBNA and asked to add his as a joint account holder. The woman asked Good Man a bunch of questions. I listened in and told him how to answer. She rattled off the whole “we’re going to use this number to find out information about you and you might be denied but if you’re not you’re responsible for the bills and…” thing. I just told him to say yes.

Found out today that indeed, he is now joint on my account.

Let the slow slide into Americanism begin… Credit cards are just the first step…


I made kiwi-strawberry ice cream last night. (OK, more like “ice milk” because they were out of cream at the grocery store!) Kiwis, strawberries, sugar, milk, vanilla. Ended up being pale, pale pink and full of seeds. Just tart enough.


My worm bin is about ready to be harvested. My population is growing. The original newspapers are entirely gone. Food goes pretty quickly, too. Right now the whole system is a bit too wet, so I’ve been adding small amount of dry paper daily to try and get the moisture down a bit. I’m going to feed the worms one more time this week and then starve them for a while until all the bits of brown (paper, cardboard, etc) and green (kitchen scraps) are gone.

I can tell the compost must be some good (worm) poop because stuff grows wild in it.


Scallion? Leek?

Sprouting Bok Choy ‘Flower

Random Sprouts (Peppers, Maybe?)