Fancy-Shmancy 음치

산토끼 토끼야

A few days ago, Good Man started singing a children’s song.

산토끼 토끼야
어디로 가느냐?
깡충깡충 뛰면서
어디로 가느냐?

Mountain rabbit, rabbit!
Where are you going?
Hopping and hopping!
Where are you going?

He skipped the next verse, which is:

산고개 고개를

나 혼자 넘어서!
토실 토실 알밤을
주워서 올테야!

Up the mountain, mountain hill
I will go alone!
Chubby, chubby chestnuts,

I will take them all!

I keep singing it and changing one note. This causes Good Man to flail his arms and legs. “Nooooo! Why can’t you get it right? My 음치 wife!”


“Not getting music right, not good at singing.”


Apparently I say “fancy-schmancy” now that I’m in America. Good Man has picked up on this. He has started saying it, too, except he can’t quite get rid of his Korean accent and it comes out fancy-schmanshi. He says it’s “a grandmother word.” And now everything around us is fancy-schmanshi.

Go-To Dinner

Now that our summer of never eating at home is over with, the grocery bill is up but the total food bill is down.

We had the pesto chicken, brown rice, and green beans last night.

Today I made ginger tea (“You are Eastern medicine woman!”) and then ginger carrot bread and muffins with fresh ginger. It was delicious. I used a ton of carrots so the bread was really moist. And then you’d bite into a chunk of ginger and taste the sweet heat… Oh, so good.

For dinner I made spicy pork and in the marinade I used carrots, onions, garlic, and ginger. I haven’t used ginger in spicy pork before and the flavor was subtle but really good. We ate the pork with brown rice and lettuce and had plums for dessert. I realized today that spicy pork is becoming one of my go-to dishes. It’s delicious and so easy to cook.

I still hate eating the bones left in the pork. I spit them out, but Good Man says I should eat them. They’re just 오도독오도독, he says.

One thought on “Fancy-Shmancy 음치

  1. Comment from: Jason Ryan [Visitor] ·
    Just showed this to a co-teacher. He says that it’s the most popular children’s song in Korea, and that most kids learn it in kindergarten.

    He was really surprised that foreigners can know about these things, lol.
    09/28/09 @ 01:38

    Comment from: admin [Member] Email
    Of course. It is the rare foreigner who can actually learn something a Korean learns since Hangul is such a fancy-schmancy magical language. ;)
    09/28/09 @ 07:16

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