A Compliment (and an Insult) and an Ajumma

After my surprise birthday party, I did a lesson on longitude and latitude. One of the problems was to find a location and name the state it was in. Dead Meat was the only student who knew the state was Colorado. He threw his arms up into the air and yelled, “Yes!”

I drew a cartoon of Dead Meat wearing a crown on my Smart Board. The students were intrigued. I wrote “[Dead Meat] wears the smarty pants crown.”

“Wow,” Subatomic said, “it’s like a compliment and an insult all together!”

My students are funny.


The only way I’m really going to get some Korean learning done is to actually made Good Man speak Korean at home.

I am an ajumma.

I can strong-arm him into this.

Or whine my way into it, in that annoying way that Korean women whine. Good Man told me he hated that whine, but whenever I do it he says, “너무 귀여워!” That’s very cute!

After all, I know taekwondo!

Speaking of Korean, 화 as a root means both angry () and peace/harmony (和).

There’s some sort of metaphor here about being a 화/火/和 strong-arming, whining ajumma. But it’s late and I can’t quite sort it out…