Sneak Peek and The Hat

These are really poor-quality images because I’m shooting RAW and JPG Basic on my camera. Expect a RAW photo album when we get back.

Quiz I: Where Was This Taken in Stockholm?

Quiz II: Where Was This Taken in Stockholm?

This Stupid Hat

I have a dozen hats at home. I should have brought one but didn’t. Today it was very cold and windy and Good Man needed gloves (even though he wouldn’t admit it) so we stopped in a shop. Good Man saw this hat and wanted me to buy it. I think the braid looks silly. If they were black, they’d be OK. Heck, maybe even Pippi-Longstocking-Orange. But this one makes me look like I wish I had white-blonde Swedish hair. (Looking at it again, the strands are darker than they seemed, but still.)

However, Good Man really thought the hat looked cute and I didn’t feel that strongly about it, so I bought it.

As we were walking around he said, “Wow, everyone really is staring at you.”

I steered us to the closest store. “That’s it, I’m buying a different hat. I hate this hat. Time for a new hat.”

Good Man pouted with a sly look on his face. “But I will love you less if you wear a different hat.”

“I hate this hat! Everyone is staring at me!” I hissed in Korean. (Or something like that. Who knows? It was in Korean.)

He shook his head, “No, no, I promise, I was only kidding because you think everyone is staring. Nobody cares. I promise.”

I glared at him and pointed to a viking helment with horns and bright yellow braids. “I am going to buy that and make you wear that,” I threatened.

He tugged one of the braids. “You look really cute. I promise.”

The hat’s grown on me. A bit.


William and I have agreed to berate each other if we don’t post something about our Korean studies at least once a week. Well, William, yesterday Sister and I chatted online for about 15 minutes and I had to type in Korean. And my keyboard doesn’t have Hangul on it. And I did it! Keep up that typing practice. *^^*