Second and Third Full Days in Stockholm

The second full day in Stockholm we went to several places:
Katarina Hissen (10 SEK)
K.A. Almgrens Sidenväveri *
Stockholms Stadsmuseet (free)

Kungliga Slottet (which includes a ton of sites—Skattkammaren, Museum Tre Kronor…) (140 SEK)
Storkyrkan (25 SEK)
Observatoriemuseet *

Unfortunately, we could not get into Almgrens. We knocked at multiple doors. We rang bells and entered numbers into keypads, and we just could not get in. Since it’s a silk mill, it was probably good for our wallets that we couldn’t get in.

We decided to go to the Observatory because it’s only open in the winter and it was mostly clear, which meant we’d be able to see stars. But… Good Man zonked out after all of the other sight-seeing and by the time we made it up there we were hungry and cranky. We ended up eating dinner and not making it to the Observatory on time to see the stars. Oh, well!

Wednesday we took it easy:
Medeltidsmuseet (40 SEK poster, free)
Nobel Museum (70 SEK)

We explored more of the city on foot, bought some souvenirs for Good Man’s family, and ate Korean food. The owner spoke Korean, although our waitress didn’t. And we didn’t get any kimchi. A Korean restaurant without kimchi? Um…

Using the Stockholm Card (which cost us 595 SEK each) we covered 555 SEK in entrance fees plus multiple subway and bus rides, which I’m sure came in at more than 40 SEK. It was a good choice to get it.