I Should’ve Been Born Korean

“Did you read my essay?”

Good Man nodded. “Yes, it was good.”

“I don’t believe you.”


I shook my head, “Because you always say that, and when I type my things up and post them [on Lang-8], I always get corrections.”

“Yeah, that is the beauty of learning.”

Good Man wanted 비빔밥 (bibimbap) this week. Bibimbap is literally “mixed rice.” You basically take whatever veggies are in the back of the fridge and sauté them, salt-water soak them, or boil them. Then you layer them on top of a bowl of rice, alternating the colors so it looks pretty. An egg in the center, some sesame seeds, possibly some seaweed or meat, and some gochujang on the top and you’re good to go.

You admire the bibimbap for about 8 seconds and then mix it all up into a delicious mess.

A variation on this is to put the rice in a hot bowl. The rice forms a nice crust on the bottom.

Good Man and I made vegetarian bibimbap tonight with carrots, red-leaf lettuce, mushrooms, leeks, an egg, and some seaweed (김). Damn, it was good! I should’ve been born Korean.

Good Man simply piled everything into a mess in his bowl. I made everything pretty first.

Good Man frowned. “The beauty of bibimbap is in the mixing!”

“No, the beauty in bibimbap is in destroying the beauty of bibimbap.”

My Bibimbap

Good Man