Naked Boy, Put on Some Clothes and Go to Korea

Dead Meat: Naked boy! Put on some clothes!

Robot: I’m so, so cold! Where are the clothes?

Amanda Teacher, shaking her head and trying not to laugh: ‘Naked boy! Put on some clothes.’ Not something I ever thought I’d hear in my classroom. I think that will be the title of my teaching memoir. Naked Boy: Put on Some Clothes.

For the record, the students were acting out one of the difficulties of being an explorer during the Age of Exploration. They were showing “inadequate supplies.” Nobody was naked. (Whether or not my students need to wear more clothing is up for debate.)


12월25일 21시15분부터 1월8일 12시15분까지 한국에서 있을거야! From 12/25 until 1/8 we’ll be in Korea.

We called Mother to tell her the news. Good Man told her we were coming on Christmas.

She asked, “언제 와?” When are you coming?

“이십오일이에요.” The 25th.

“앗! 크리스마스!” Oh! Christmas!

I laughed and said, “You go to church!” She laughed, too.

We also called Master, which was especially fun.

“여보세요?” he said. Hello?

“관장님이예요?” Is this Master?

“네.” He sounded very tired and I double checked the clock, afraid I’d calculated the time incorrectly.

“안녕하세요!” I said. Hello.

There was a pause. “안녕하세요…”

“누구 몰라요?” You don’t know who this is?

“누구예요?” he said. Who is this?

“아만다예요!” It’s Amanda!

Master roared with laughter and his voice suddenly sounded awake. I told him we were coming to Korea and he chased the dates out of my mouth. He demanded I come to the studio. Wouldn’t miss it for the world!


Good Man found an awesome Firefox Add-On to spell check in Korean. I’ve only used it a few times but I really like it.

One thought on “Naked Boy, Put on Some Clothes and Go to Korea

  1. Comment from: Jason Ryan [Visitor] ·
    Hi Amanda,

    I read your blog as often as you post and really love the style, simple elegance, and positivity. There are days in Korea when I truly need to piggy-back the love you have for Korea and Koreans.

    Anyways, this is all a lead up to saying I would like to come and take pictures during your reunion with your Taekwondo instructor, and I am assuming the class you take with him….

    If you like this idea please let me know.

    THANK YOU for helping me keep a balanced view of Korea and living and teaching here.

    Jason Ryan
    aka, kimchi-icecream
    10/29/09 @ 07:26

    Comment from: jeanny [Visitor] ·
    How exciting! Hope you have fun and the weather cooperates while you’re there!
    10/29/09 @ 17:56

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