Dragon Fruit

Longer version of this entry is available in Korean.

Last week Fairy Godmother Co-Worker and I went to Super HMart together. She wanted to see what sort of food they had and she likes it when I explain what the foods are. Super HMart was having an Asian food fair and that meant we got “service,” too, in the form of free Lock-and-Locks! (OK, a Korean knock-off of Lock-and-Lock.)

They also had dragon fruit. I decided to get some because we never eat it and I recall eating it in Thailand and Vietnam.

I gave Good Man a half a dragon fruit to eat for dessert one day this week. He was not impressed.

“키위 친구 친구!” It’s kiwi’s friend friend! He also called it kiwi’s half- half-brother. I asked how that was possible and he was not sure.

I asked him to try one more bite. He obliged, but was not impressed.