Korean Culture with Fairy Godmother

Good Man and I went out with Fairy Godmother and her husband last night. We had some Korean food in Annandale, and then headed to the Kennedy Center to see the Washington Korean Dance Company. The tickets were general admission, and even though we only sat down 10 minutes before the show started, we were able to get seats in the center of the third row!

The show itself was great—a good combination of court dance, farm dances, drumming and even a pansori (storytelling). I have to say, I’m a much bigger fan of the farm music than the court music. They also had a woman playing the kayagam.

At one point they did Kee-bang Mu (Courtship Room Dance) with women representing the gisaeng. Except the women were… well…

Fairy Godmother leaned over and whispered in my left ear, “Were the gisaeng usually this old?” I shook my head no. Good Man learned over next and whispered in my right ear, “Gisaeng is too old!”