I’m Truly Not Ignoring You and Planning

I Wasn’t Ignoring You
Years ago, I set up my website’s email to go to my Google Apps account. It involves setting MX somethings, and I don’t even know what that means.

Whenever anyone comments on this blog, uses the Contact Me form, or registers as a user, I get notification of it.

Or… I used to.

It quit working several months ago and I was busying dealing with legally marrying Good Man and planning a wedding and dealing with immigration. And I could still see comments and who registered, so I figured, eh, glitch.

Well, tonight I went and logged into my host’s email in a round about way and found several dozen emails dating back from February. Emails which were nice, and kind, and had questions, and expected a reply! Emails which used my contact form…

Dammit! I feel like an ass! I love getting reader comments and email and try to respond (especially to emails) and now I look like a jerk.

So if you randomly get an email from me tonight, answering something you asked me months ago… Sorry.

I called to Good Man from the bedroom. “천국 is ‘heaven’ right?”


I called out again, “So is 천사 ‘person living in heaven’?”


“Oooh! So I was mostly right!”

“No, it’s not person living in heaven. It’s angel!” he replied.

“An angel is a person living in heaven.”

Good Man partly conceded. “OK, part right.”

I’m making a list of things to bring to Korea. I’m also making a list of things to do, people to see, and books and things to buy. These are in-development lists.

Clothes for Master’s kids
Clarins glosses for Sister and Master’s Wife
Obama gifts for Master
Vitamins and the like for Good Man’s “health check generation” family members
Honey powder

내 이름은 삐삐 롱스타킹 (만화 version)
꼬마 백만 장자 삐삐
삐삐는 어른이 되기 싫어
안네의 일기 (만화 version)

Stupid English t-shirts
More $10 pencils
ETA: Glasses! Where else can you get my prescription and frames for under $100? (No idea how the weak won will affect it, but I’m wearing some awesome $50 glasses right now…)

Good Man’s Family
A and CH (Jeonju friends)
Aunt Mo

Go to a 찜질방 (never done it, seriously)
Photography with Sister
Learn to make gimbap well
Go to Jeonju to meet Good Man’s Family
Taekwondo (!)
Meet Paul