Elephant Brand Griddle

Good Man and I bought a Zojirushi Electric Griddle today. We lucked out in that it happened to be on sale.

We bought it specifically so I could better make 닭갈비 and damn if it didn’t work beautifully!

Dalk Galbi

After we’d eaten a good amount, I scooped out portions of rice and galbi for tomorrow’s lunch and dinner. Then I mixed the left-over rice with the left-over galbi and some left-over mozzarella cheese that was hanging out in our fridge. I turned the griddle off and let the rice form a nice crust. So delicious.

치즈 닭 갈비

“I think I am turning Korean,” I said. “Elephant rice cooker, griddle, grill for making samgyupsal… buying five bunches of pa [green onions] at a time…”

Good Man shook his head. “Well now I can tell you. You have more gadgets than my mother. True or false?”

“I don’t kn—”

Good Man answered himself. “Daaaaaaamn true!”


Sleeping Good Man