Elephant Brand Griddle

Good Man and I bought a Zojirushi Electric Griddle today. We lucked out in that it happened to be on sale.

We bought it specifically so I could better make 닭갈비 and damn if it didn’t work beautifully!

Dalk Galbi

After we’d eaten a good amount, I scooped out portions of rice and galbi for tomorrow’s lunch and dinner. Then I mixed the left-over rice with the left-over galbi and some left-over mozzarella cheese that was hanging out in our fridge. I turned the griddle off and let the rice form a nice crust. So delicious.

치즈 닭 갈비

“I think I am turning Korean,” I said. “Elephant rice cooker, griddle, grill for making samgyupsal… buying five bunches of pa [green onions] at a time…”

Good Man shook his head. “Well now I can tell you. You have more gadgets than my mother. True or false?”

“I don’t kn—”

Good Man answered himself. “Daaaaaaamn true!”


Sleeping Good Man

One thought on “Elephant Brand Griddle

  1. Comment from: Mariposa [Visitor] · http://www.mislivec.com/mark
    I miss your veggie pancakes. Will you make me some veggie pancakes? I would totally clear my schedule for veggie pancakes (or the food in these pictures, it looks amazing)!
    11/16/09 @ 09:07

    Comment from: TheMartialArtsReporter [Visitor] · http://www.TheMartialArtsReporter.com
    Just looked at the great pics and gained 8 pounds. Thanks a lot, Amanda.
    11/17/09 @ 18:22

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