Fixing the Toilet for Me

Mother called tonight. It’s Good Man’s birthday tomorrow and it’s tomorrow in Korea.

When she called, I asked why we weren’t video chatting. She said we weren’t video chatting because of the bathroom.

The problem with being not-fluent in Korean is that I pick up key words and miss the details.

“시어머니…누구가 화장실에 있어요?” Mother…who is in the bathroom?

She explained again, in rapid-fire Korean and Good Man said, “the bathroom is getting fixed.”

Then, totally changing the subject, mother told me to make 미역국 (seaweed soup) for Good Man for his birthday. I asked her how to make it delicious. The only words I picked up on were water and soy sauce. OK, gotcha. I didn’t tell Mother that he was eating it for dinner instead of breakfast because a) I don’t cook that early in the morning, b) I have to be at work 15 minutes earlier than normal on Tuesdays, c) he isn’t even awake then.

Then Mother went back to her bathroom and said she was fixing it so I would be comfortable. We have more than a month before we go to Korea. I don’t think this is just about my comfort.

Mother ended her bathroom rant with, “아만다 엄마가 사랑하는거 알지?” Amanda, you know how much I love you?

Awww. Mother loves me. And her bathroom.