His Liver and Their Crushes

Good Man doesn’t feel well.

“My liver hurts,” he complained.

“How can you feel your liver?”

“I talk with my liver.”

I stared at him. “You and your liver talk?”

“Yeah, and she says—”

I stared at him harder. “Your liver is a ‘she?'”

“Yeah,” he nodded like it was the more natural thing in the world for him to be talking to his sick female liver, “and she is not happy.”

Every single day Good Man says something that just cracks me up. I love this man. And his female liver.

It’s a well-known stereotype-supported-by-stats-fact that white guys in Asia often bring home Asian wives. Well, there’s a sudden (to me) slew of foreign (by Korean standards) chicks dating/crushing on Korean guys and blogging about it. (Not all of these are work safe!)

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Annyong Anyang (who wrote a hilarious post about a bad date)

Anyone else to recommend?