Please Answer Me, Sister

Good Man and I both had pretty stressful Fridays. Good Man was harshly scolded for something by Mother over the phone. He called back several minutes later to explain why he shouldn’t’ve been scolded. Mother was out (really?) but he talked to Sister.

With a voice full of care and sympathy, Sister said “어, 형…”

When Good Man hung up, I asked him why his sister called him “hyeong.” Hyeong is the term men use with older brothers; obba/oppa is the term Sister should use.

He shrugged, “I don’t know. Ask her.”

So I sent Sister an email. Here is it (complete with typos!).

시누이, 정에 [굿맨이] 널 전화했어. 그리고 [굿맨] 마음이 앞았어, 그리고 시누이는 “어… 형” 라고 말했어. 왜 “형” 말 했어? 남자 아니야. [굿맨]한테 물었지만 몰라 라고 말했어.

대답해 줘. ^^


Sister replied Saturday afternoon.

아하! 형이라고 부른건,
어릴 때 부터 그냥 오빠에게 형이라고 가끔 불렀어요ㅋㅋ

옛날 (1980년대?)에 대학교 여학생들이 친한 남자 선배들에게 ‘형’ 이라고 불렀어요.
물론 지금 2000년대에는 그렇게 안 불러요..^^

저는 그냥 가끔 오빠에게 형 이라고 불러요ㅋㅋ
마치 미국사람들이 hey man~ or hi guys 라고 인사 하듯이요ㅋ

조금 이해 됐어요?? 크 크

Sister’s reply was that in the 80s on college campuses girls would often use 형 with male friends (it’s not as common now). Ever since she and Good Man were young, she’d occasionally call him 형.

Well, that makes sense… I guess.