Married and Foreign: Men vs Women

Good Man found two recent articles detailing the number of Korean-Not-Korean marriages in Korea.

Foreign Marriages in Korea

For non-Korean speakers, the left column is the number of foreign men married to Korean women. The five nationalities in order from greatest to least are American, Japanese, Chinese, Canadian, and German. The right column shows the number of foreign women married to Korean men and the top five nationalities in order are Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Filipino(a), and American.

Three of the top five countries for men are considered Western countries. Only one of the top five for women is considered Western.

And that trend only continues.

외국인 남성을 국적별로 보면 미국이 7만3천512명(51.3%)으로 가장 많았고 일본(3만9천900명)ㆍ중국(1만7천493명)ㆍ캐나다(3천369명)ㆍ독일(2천894명)ㆍ영국(1천596명)ㆍ오스트레일리아(1천 532명)ㆍ프랑스(1천143명)ㆍ파키스탄(836명)ㆍ대만(832명) 순이었다.


외국인 여성의 국적별 분포는 중국이 7만878명(52.5%)로 가장 많고 베트남(3만621명)ㆍ일본(1만2천355명)ㆍ필리핀(6천355명)ㆍ미국(3천572명)ㆍ캄보디아(2천913명)ㆍ태국(2천762명)ㆍ 몽골(2천405명)ㆍ우즈베키스탄(1천555명)ㆍ러시아(1천415명)가 뒤를 이었다.

For men the 6-10th nationalities are English, Australian, French, Pakistani, and Taiwanese. For women married to Korean men the 6-10th nationalities are Cambodian, Thai, Mongolian, Uzbekistani, and Russian.

Again. Compare.

So it’s not just a stereotype to say there are very few couples like “us.” There are very few couples like us. (Yes, yes nitpickers, we live in America and these stats are for people living in Korea, but the trend holds true.)

One thought on “Married and Foreign: Men vs Women

  1. Comment from: Diana [Visitor] ·
    There are 3572 (soon to be 3573–hahaha)couples “like you” in Korea… Though I wonder if they’re counting 교포s… I suspect about 50% of marriages between a Korean and an American involve first/second gen 교포s.

    Probably not counting them, though, since everyone who has Korean blood is Korean in Korea.
    11/24/09 @ 03:20

    Comment from: admin [Member] Email
    Yeah, I wondered about the gyopos, too. I wasn’t sure how Korea would count them since they count Koreans as they wish when necessary.
    11/24/09 @ 05:03

    Comment from: James [Visitor] Email ·
    This issue has been widely reported in news media (PRI’s The World comes to mind) and mail-order brides play a big part of this. There have been a lot of coverage on the situation in Vietnam especially — it borders on (or flat out is) human trafficking, and Korean men in rural areas where the women-to-men ratio is quite bad are really pushing these foreign bride numbers.

    I think Japan and America are big on the women list because (1) they are huge countries intimately connected with Korea, (2) they (plus, China) have huge ethnic Korean populations that statistically may be counted as foreigners, and (3) both have 한류 syndrome (much less so in America, though).
    11/25/09 @ 11:17

    Comment from: admin [Member] Email
    I really don’t believe in 한류 syndrome for most Western women. At all.
    11/25/09 @ 13:52

    Comment from: john [Visitor]
    Unfortunatly I don’t speak Korean, so cannot comment on…syndrome.
    However, on the disparity between marriages; this is my wifes(Korean) second marriage, her first was to a Korean. She experienced DV from her husband and mother-in-law before escaping to a western country after ending up in intensive care. I am not saying ALL Korean males are perpetrators of DV, but women do seem to have a harder time in Korean culture(I know that’s a generalisation). My wife is the eldest daughter, her sisters all married westerners, mainly due to their observations on her marriage when teenagers. Talking to members of KIMWA (Korean womens group of which my wife is a member) this is not an unusual phenomena. Talking to my male in laws and Korean male friends, they are just not into western women; they find them “aggressive” (but I suspect they mean independent).
    Then there is the obvious physical attraction of Asian women, who conform to a desirable stereotype for many western men.
    By the way, I enjoy reading your blog, I don’t always agree with the content, but it is always interesting and amusing.
    Kind Regards,

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