Mother’s Demands

We talked to Mother and Sister over video chat today. Mother gave us a list of things she wants us to buy. So I just bought $150+ worth of vitamins online. Mother wanted three Centrum Silvers and five bottles of Vitamin C. I added some Viactive chocolate calcium chews. She also wants ten pounds (!) of honey powder as well as pine nuts. They have pine nuts in Korea. Apparently she wants American pine nuts. I asked if there was some 암시장 (black market) for honey powder.

I bought a trio of Clarins lip glosses for Sister and 사모님 (Master’s wife). I also bought a baker’s box of spices and herbs from Penzey’s because Sister’s been baking a lot lately.

Our Korean trip schedule is starting to take shape. 12/27 and 28 we’re going to Jinju to visit Good Man’s grandfather’s grave. I’m not clear on whether or not we’re all staying in a hotel or just Good Man and I are staying in a hotel. 1/4 we’re meeting Diana.

I told Mother I want to go to the green tea fields and bamboo forest. I’ve been there in May and in August, so I’d like to see it in the winter. We’ll probably take a tour together (Mother, Father, Sister, us) because a tour would be more comfortable than cramming us into one car.

Finally, I posted an essay about studying Korean on my Cyworld page and Mother read it. She’s going to buy 삐삐. I completely understood what she was saying, laughed and thanked her. Good Man kept telling me, “No, she will read it.”

“Yes, I know.”

He pointed at the screen. “No, my mother will read it.”

“Yes, I know.”

“How did you know?”

I laughed. “I wrote the essay!”

“What essay?”

Oh, Good Man!