On the Grid, and Actions Speaking Louder Than Words

Good Man must be on the grid. Saturday he recieved his first unsolicited credit card offer.


Yesterday, in an act of (requested) love, we bought ten one-pound bags of honey powder. Mother then added some low-dose aspirin to her list. I’ll pick that up soon and we’ll be set with Korean gifts.

I have been writing short essays/entries in Korean on a weekly basis to practice writing. A few weeks ago I was moaning about Korean studies and wrote that I could read Pippi in Korean and maybe if Mother has read it, we’ll have something to talk about. I always post my short essays to my Cyworld page, where I know full well that Sister will see it and pass it on to Mother.

This weekend, Sister and I chatted online (complete with typos).

시누이: 아! 엄마가 책 사서 읽었어요! 삐삐!

Oh! Mother bought a book. Pippi!

아만다: 삐삐 서셨어?
She bought Pippi?

시누이: 네!

아만다: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Hee hee.

시누이 : 사서 다 읽었어요!
She bought it and finished reading it!

아만다: 시엄마니 친질하세요…
Mother is a nice person.

시누이: 언니가 오면 책에대해서 얘기하면 되겠다..:D 헤헤
When you come, you will be able to talk about the book.

We have a mother-daughter-in-law Korean bookclub going! With a fourth grade level novel written by neither a Korean nor an American. Too funny.


Speaking of books, every single book I’m planning on picking up in Korea is by a non-Korean author. Does anyone know of Korean authors who write using fairly simple language? I’m looking for books to read later, not immediately, but any suggestions would be great.