Maple Syrup

“Can I blog about this?”

“Sure, but Americans eat it with everything! It’s like dwenjang!”

I stayed home sick today. I’ve been sick all week and I’m rather pathetic.

Well, I asked Good Man to make a sandwich for me. He did.

He put turkey, ham, mustard, and cheese between two slices of whole wheat bread. When I picked it up, one piece of bread felt wet. “Why is this wet?”

“It’s maple syrup.”

I stared at him. “What?”

“Yeah, maple syrup.”

I started laughing. “Why in the world did you put maple syrup on my sandwich?”

“Because Americans love maple syrup.”

“You’ve lived in America for over a year. Have you ever had a sandwich with maple syrup on it? We only eat maple syrup a few times a month, with pancakes! Ewww. Ewww. Ewww. Did you only put it on this piece of bread?”

“Yeah,” Good Man said. I opened the fridge to get a fresh piece of bread as Good Man kept talking, “You eat maple syrup with pancakes, and pancakes and bread are made of wheat, right? And you dip your bacon in it, and bacon is made of pig, just like ham. And sometimes we even get turkey bacon, and there is turkey on the sandwich.”

“You don’t put maple syrup on a sandwich!”

“Well, I will eat mine like this,” he said. “It’s better than carrot with peanut butter!” I once tried to give him a carrot stick dipped in peanut butter and he said I wasn’t respecting the carrot.

Good Man fake pouted over the fact that I wouldn’t eat his ham, turkey, cheese, mustard and maple syrup sandwich. I will eat pickle and peanut butter sandwiches (yummmy) but I can’t stomach maple syrup sandwiches…