2010, Hello

I met two of last year’s resolutions, blew one completely out of the water, and failed at the Korean one. This year I really only have on goal, and that is to read 1,000,000 글자 (syllables) in Korean.

Ringing It In

So last night I stayed up with my Korean family, drinking wine and watching various K-pop acts on the TV, waiting to ring in the new year with 33 bongs on the bell in Seoul. (Mother was the only one who knew the reason for the 33 bongs. Each one represents one of the original signers of the Korean independence document.)

Mother and Father had gone out with Father’s seonbae in the evening, so Father was drunk. We hid the wine from him and at one point he was resting his head on his hand on the table, looking around for the wine. He was peering at my through the wine glass as if to say “American Daughter-in-Law, please give me the wine…”

The pop acts were, well, K-poppy. I was horrified by MC Mong’s “Indian Boy” video. My in-laws couldn’t understand why I was so horrified and Good Man tried to explain, but it was so clear they just didn’t get it. (This isn’t the actual video, but it fairly close to what he did.)

K-pop band Jewelry sang some song with the words “Jewerly Forever” behind them the whole time and I just about died laughing. Another girl group Kara, sang a song with the lyrics “Rock your body, I say” but when they sing, it becomes “Rock your bahsay.”

I should be hired by some entertainment groups in Korea. I would catch every little stupid mistake…especially since they’re glaring!