With Sister

Unfortunately, Sister and I haven’t been able to spend as much time together as we intended to due to her work schedule and the funeral. But the time have had to spend together has been wonderful. I’m glad I kept with my Korean goal before we left; it’s made me much more confident in interacting with my in-laws.

Sister has a cool job designing movie posters, so readers in Korea will soon see her work all over Korea! (By the way, Sister’s blog is listed in my blog roll. It’s Across the Universe. She blogs in Korean.)

(Good Man was with us during all of these photos, being his usual quiet self.)

New Year’s Day

Fruit Salad Anju

Fake Cherry Blossoms

Fishy Potato Anju

Fishcake Stick Seller


Stretchy Exercise Band Seller in Insadong

엿 Sellers

파고다 공원

Pagoda Park Door Detail

Pagoda Park



Barbed Wire