Next Time

Master’s Daughter

Thursday, Good Man and I met with Master’s family again. We had dinner and we had plans to see Sherlock.

Master’s Daughter

The kids came with us to the movie and Master’s Daughter sat next to me. At some point she wouldn’t stop whispering, even when her mother told her to. I dragged her onto my lap and whispered in her ear. “We can’t talk…”

She nodded. “OK, Amanda, but [??? request].”

I didn’t know what she’d requested, but I sort of recognized it as something Good Man sometimes says. I started patting and scratching her back. Master’s Daughter lifted us the back of her shirt and I scratched her back. Every once in a while she’d whisper “위에” or “밑에.” Higher, lower.

Turns out that the thing I didn’t understand was “scratch.”

Master’s Son

Before we went to the movies, Master said, “Amanda, you know 윷놀이? 화투?” I said that I knew both yut nori and hwa tu (go stop) but that I wasn’t good at either.

He asked which one I wanted to play. We decided on yut nori. “Next time, Amanda, we play hwa tu.”

“Next time, Master? When will that be?”

He paused and thought for a moment, “I don’t know, but we will meet again!”

I grinned. It is true.

Playing Yut Nori (Photo Taken by Daughter)

Master and his wife were one team, and Good Man and I were another. The first game, Master’s team won. Drats! We had a popcorn bet going on the game.

Master, Winning

The second game, Good Man scored four yut noris in a row. Go, Good Man!

Master, Losing

We had a third game to break the tie and! We lost.

Next time! Next time, we will win!