Hand Magic

Good Man and I had to buy another coffee grinder. (This is our third in a year. The first was abused with water, and the second with gravity.) We used a gift card we received at my wedding shower and went to Sears. (If you ever want to go shopping on a Saturday, go to Sears. They’re dead.)

We ended up getting a mini food processor that could also grind coffee.

Today Good Man said, “Why can’t I get it to work?” He pushed the buttons and nothing happened.

I looked at it. “I can tell the top isn’t locked into place correctly.”

“Yes, it is,” he argued. He took the lid off and put it back on, correctly. He pressed the button and the machine whirred to life.

Good Man jumped back from the machine, shaking his head and waving his hand at me, “No, no, not possible. You did something! You have magic!”