Snowmageddon 2010 Photos

Snowmageddon 2010 Album

Damn. This is some snow.

Being snowed in for one weekend is fun. Being snowed in for two weekends in seven weeks? Not so fun. Today Good Man and I were going stir-crazy and since it’d finally quit snowing (!) we could go out without risking life and limb. Well, went out we did for a 3.5 mile walk and some lunch at Cosi. At some points I was thigh-deep in snow.

Now, I grew up in Minnesota, but even this is unusual for the Great White North.

School is canceled tomorrow and the custodians aren’t even expected to go in. This makes me suspect we won’t be back Tuesday, either.

Heck, the Federal Government is closed tomorrow. That’s how you know it’s a bad, bad storm!

Making a Snow Angel

Making a Snowball