I Slice, I Dice, I Make Apple Swans! And I Solve Blog Problems (With Good Man’s Help)

This weekend Good Man and I finally gave in and shoveled my truck out using trash cans. We were stir crazy, we wanted to go out for dinner, and I wanted to get a knife sharpener after nearly slicing my thumb off while using my very, very dull nine-year old chef’s knife.

We headed out to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Good Man wanted to know why we weren’t just buying knew knives. I told him I was “82% sure” that they didn’t carry the knife block we wanted in the store.

“Well, than that leave me 18% to be right,” he said.

What do you know? The knife set we wanted was in stock. I found this set when we were registering and chose it because I loved how the knives felt in my hand. The butt of the knives are also labeled with what they are, which is great, because I don’t have to pull multiple knives out to find the one I want.

They were running some special. The knife block was one cent under the price that would get us an incredibly over-priced cheese set for free. I sweetly asked the clerk if that penny was “close enough.” It was, so we got the over-priced three-piece cheese set. We also had a 20% off coupon, so we ended up getting $255 worth of goods for $160. If we’d gone through Amazon, we couldn’t’ve done better.

The knife set is 17 pieces. Of course, once you knock out the steel, the block, the shears, and the steak knives you’re down to 6 actual knives. Three of which I’ll probably never use. Oddly, there were two extra slots on the block, which was great, because I could throw my soft cheese knife (which I’ll use twice a year) and my cheese spreader (which will probably ending up becoming a butter spreader) in the block. The shears will prove useful because I’m constantly using our current shears for everything inside and outside of the kitchen.

After I washed all the knives I decided to try my hand with the parer to make an apple swan. For my first time, I think it turned out pretty well.

Apple Swan

I also sharpened my dangerously dull knife and promptly chopped up a bunch of vegetables for the slow cooker. Ah! If I’d known how wonderful a freshly sharpened knife is, I would’ve sharpened it years ago. A dream. Unfortunately, though, the handle of my now-sharp knife is probably going to go soon and it’s probably not all that much safer because of it.


Last night I discovered that I could subscribe to the RSS feeds for this blog and the not-updated-in-forever photography blog. Oddly, whenever I tried to subscribe to the Korean-language blog, I got an XML parsing error. Although the error was fairly clear about where it was (in retrospect!), I couldn’t find it.

Good Man could figure out I needed to change something to iso-8859-1. But I couldn’t figure out what.

I posted my question on my blogging platform’s forums. No answer this morning.

I really couldn’t figure out why two of my blogs could call this file correct and the third couldn’t. It was a baffling mystery. I was comparing and contrasting the different blog settings. They were all the same. The skins I use are all variations on a theme. I studied the page sources. I just couldn’t find the error.

Neither could Good Man, who claims I know more HTML than he does.

After work today I looked at it again, looked at the error log and started tinkering. And I fixed it! “Yeah!” I yelled at Good Man, “Who’s your awesome, smart wife?”

“Good job.”