“What is this?” Good Man asked, staring at the package of candy on his desk.

“FunDip. I gave my kids FunDip valentines and I had some left over.”

Good Man stared at the package. “How do I do it?”

“Rip it open across the top. Do not rip is down the side!” Koreans rip snack foods open by tearing them down the side. Good Man carefully worked open the section over the powder. “You have to open the other part, too, the stick.”


“Get out that sugar stick. Now lick it and dip it in the candy.” Good Man plunked the stick in the candy. “Lick it first, it has to get wet to stick,” I said.

Good Man looked at my dubiously. “This is not candy?”

“No, they’re both candy. You can eat all of it.”

Good Man licked the stick and stuck it in the red sugar mixture. He tasted it and yelled, “Why, America, why??”

“You don’t like it? It’s basically just sugar.”

Good Man continued to dip, but shook his head, “You Americans. And you think squid is weird.”

One thought on “FunDip

  1. Comment from: Jennifer [Visitor] ·
    Squid is weird!
    02/18/10 @ 04:08

    Comment from: Milly [Visitor]
    Ooohh, give him pop rocks and coke next!

    Mmmm, squid.
    02/18/10 @ 09:06

    Comment from: Terry [Visitor]
    …. or a box of Peeps (sugar bunnies), my favorite
    my mom ships me a box here in Korea for Easter ^^
    02/19/10 @ 04:15

    Comment from: rhiannon [Visitor] Email ·
    lol, so funny
    02/20/10 @ 11:28

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